Workshops for kids and adults


Where: Poryad on Povitryana
When: every Thursday at 17:00

New workshops for kids and adults in Poryad Centers on Povitryana! 

In March we want to introduce you workshops created by Olha - head of Library branch #15 and Tetiana - our visitor.

Every Thursday at 17:00 we invite you to the following events:

March 9th workshop "Application - The Patron Dog"

3D application for kids who like our little hero Patron Dog! Together we will create his fluffy portrait that may later be handled in their room. Please bring scissors! 


March 16th - workshop "A bouquet made of buttons" 

We invite you to create a unique, unique bouquet out of... buttons. Yes, the usual button that we usually throw away will become a flower. If you have your unwanted buttons with holes, bring them, we will use them!


March 23 – "Horseshoe Amulet" master class 

The beauty and strength of the Ukrainian people is in their original traditions, which are passed down through the generations. One of these traditions is the creation of an amulet, which, according to the beliefs of our ancestors, was supposed to protect the home and its inhabitants. 


March 30 - master class "Hair ornaments made of felt"

Felt is an excellent material for making children's jewelry. Bright colors and ease of use. And what is no less important, the felt is soft and pleasant to the touch. 

With the help of a master class, children will learn how to make hair ornaments from felt on their own, as well as develop their creative abilities and good aesthetic taste.


Please register for the master classes using the link: 

You're welcome!