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We provide:

  • development and activities for young: workshops and lectures for kids and teenagers;
  • events on professional, social and economical integration of internally displaced people and lvivians affected by war;
  • development for adults in Lviv - interesting courses and lectures about social activism and other;

We will help:

  • to understand how our city works and lives (consulting on city administration services, orientation, search of possibilities for development and leisure, so on);
  • to change job to one that is in demand on market;
  • to know something new;
  • in legal matters on free juridical consultations.

Our mission

"Poryad" - are the centres for leisure, consultations and help for internally displaced people and Lvivivans affected by war. "Poryad" is a place for joint studying and initiatives. We aim that everyone would feel here like at home.

About Lviv Cultural Centre 

"Who are we? 

Ми – Громадська організація “Львівський культурний центр” і з 2017 року ми – платформа для Вашого мистецького та громадського розвитку” 

Our news and announcements:

Public events are constantly taking place in the integration resource centres, which help to better integrate into the Lviv environment and learn more about our city!
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Майстер-класи Поряд

Workshop on Povitryana

Майстер-класи для дітей та дорослих   Де: Поряд на Повітряній (вул. Повітряна, 88)Коли: щочетверга о 17:00 Нові майстер-класи для дорослих та дітей в центрах Поряд на Повітряній!  В березні для нас підготували свої майстер-класи Ольга - завідувачка Бібліотека на...

Курс лекцій про читання

Курс лекцій про читання

Курс "Читати рідною" з Катериною Алексєєнко   Де: Поряд на Мулярській  (вул. Мулярська, 2а)Коли: щовівторка о 18:00 Не знаєте українських авторів та взагалі боїтесь читати українською, бо не знає, з чого почати? Тоді наш курс саме для Вас!  “Читати Рідною” з...

Курси малювання для дорослих

Курси малювання для дорослих

 Курси живопису для дорослих. В Центрі Поряд новий набір на курс живопису від Дарини Котляренко!   Де: Поряд на Мулярській  (вул. Мулярська, 2а)Коли: щоп'ятниці о 17:00  Дарина полюбилась нашим відвідувачам ще в 2022 році, коли проводила заняття з олійного живопису...

It is interesting to visit your center, it is very useful here.. I learned new information here and am learning here. Well done, structured, shared information. I realized that the world around me is changing rapidly, and it is necessary to keep up with this development, and it is nice that there are such centers that can provide opportunities for new impulses, that help people find themselves and optimally reveal themselves, strengthen their skills in order to acquire new ones. 

Oleksandr, Kharkiv

It seems that people came who really needed it, and they finally found a place where they can fulfill this need, which is different for everyone. For some, it's just relaxation in creativity and detachment from everyday life, for others - to collect thoughts in a heap. For some, it is a psychological moment - manual work, thinking, but everyone who left this room said that the mood had changed. That is, they went with different opinions, but everyone enjoyed the process. Some did not have a very cool day, but everything changed, it was in the topic.


Master classes

Poryad is a place of people who are concentrated in one place. Due to the fact that they inspire as individuals and have such skills, they gathered in one place, this is a comfort zone for the development of others. They work like clockwork, they put in one or two puzzles and there are no such coincidences. I am pleased and it is easier for me to perceive.

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Adresses in Lviv:

Mulyarska, 2a Str. +38 (067) 522-32-93

Povitryana, 88, Str. +38 (067) 522-33-13