SEO: Entering the profession


Course SEO for beginners in the Center Poryad on Povitryana



This course will give you the basic knowledge of the SEO profession, which will hep you find your first job in the field!
?When: October 16th - November 13th, every Tuesday 18:30 - 20:30 and every Sunday 11:00 - 13:00.
?Where: Povitryana Str., 88
SEO is a kind of work in digital marketing. No online shop, new site, or other large site, do not go without seo. The main task of the seo-specialist is to make the necessary pages in Google search appear on the first page. For example, when a person is looking for an “apple”, the seo-specialist should optimize the page of a particular site with apples so that the site was the first and people go to the site. People go to the site – people buy. The site receives profit!

This intensive course in 5 weeks will introduce us to the basics of the profession, and many interesting and necessary things to work in SEO.

!Attention! Do not confuse with SEO and PPC. The latter is engaged in paid advertising, SEO – organic traffic. You can operate SEO completely remotely, in an agency, or in a food company. When you know English you can work abroad.
Sofia Vatulyak Holds the courses, in SEO for almost 10 years. Sofia has experience in Silpo, Maudau, Rozetka, and marketing agencies and have experience as a lecturer in JetOctopus. She knows a lot about search engines and “knows how to do them well :)”.

Requirements for the participants:
ability to use computer and standard office programs;
Basic knowledge of Excel/Google Docs;
availability of own computer;
possibility to spend 8-10 hours on a home-based task every week.
The number of places on the course is limited so registration IS OBLIGATORY at the following link:


Lviv Cultural Centre is nearby!

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