19 October, 19:00 - Ukrainian revolution in Luhansk Region.

And people that took part in it. We'll tell you about what territory spread of Luhansk looked like and what were the biggest issues.

Speaker: Alina Panteleimonova, head of the regional history research sector of the Luhansk Regional Museum of Local History.
And for your children at the same time not to be bored, we will provide an artistic master class "Autumn umbrellas". We will do paper umbrellas for decor
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12 October at 17:00 - Cosac past of Luhansk.

What is the connection between the Cossacks and Luhansk region? During the lecture we will tell us about how Cossacks came to the lands of Luhansk, what they have been doing and how their lifestyle have impact on Luhansk region development.
Speaker: Oksana Bakshynska, Head of the scientific sector of the Luhansk Region Museum of Local Lore, in the pre-October period.
In parallel with the lectures, there will be activities for children. And here we also have the Luhansk Regional Museum of Local Lore!
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On October 12, at 5:00 p.m., we will make applications from the natural material "Autumn Hedgehog".
We will create applications from materials that can be easily found in autumn - sunflower seeds, leaves, moss of various types, dry sawdust, small-leaf tea, cones ?
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October 26 at 17:00 – Luhansk and Space.

The topic of the lecture is devoted to the contribution made by the Luhansk region to the field of cosmonautics. We carefully preserve the memory of the conquerors of space in museum collections and in the hearts of the residents of the Luhansk region.
Speaker: Yuliya Shevtsova is a junior researcher of the regional history research sector since 1917 at the Luhansk Regional Museum of Local Lore.
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On October 26, we will also hold a master class on quilling "Autumn Colors".
Quilling is the art of making flat or three-dimensional compositions from paper strips twisted in a spiral.
Register for master classes via the link: https://forms.gle/vzBJWmTu2huGkG5E8