Famous personalities of the Luhansk region

"Luhansk Region: PRO Svoyich (about ours)"
The theme is devoted to the outstanding people of Luhansk Region!
In fact, the Luhansk region is rich in famous people – anthropologists, chemists, doctors, researchers, writers and others.
November 2nd at 17:00 we invite you to get to know them closer!

In our lecture “Luhansk: PRO Svoyich (about ours)” we will talk about the people of Luhansk region and what contribution they have made to the development of their native land and Ukraine and try to recognize them through portraits.
Speaker: Oksana Bakshynska, Head of the scientific sector of the Luhansk Region Museum of Local Lore, in the pre-October period;
Alina Panteleimonova, head of the regional history research sector of the Luhansk Regional Museum of Local History.
So that your kids do not get bored at home while you listen to the lecture, we will hold a creative children's master class!
on November 2nd we will make appliques from pumpkins.
Це заняття ми приурочимо до пройдешнього Хеловіну – розповімо про традиції свята та те, як його святкують в різних країнах та зробимо тематичні аплікації з гарбуза або ж фетру/кольорового паперу.
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