We would really like to help people feel themselves happy here..."

Olesya Milovanova, director of Luhansk Region Local History Museum

On July 22 we have had our first meeting in series "Introducing Poryad", were we wanted to meet lvivians and people, who came here because fo war, introduce our centers and NGO and different public initiatives that are now functioning in Lviv.

First heroes of our meetings were Olesia Milovanova and Luhans Region Local History Museum.

Important insights of our conversation:

? How does the integration of internally displaced people goes - we have discussed pains and together have thought of how to reduce actual problems and answer questions;

?The Luhansk Regional Local History Museum has moved to Lviv and continues its activities! Now the team is working on the creation of a new exposition, and also actively talks about Luhansk Region at public events and lectures;

? We want not only Slobozhanshchyna to integrate into Galicia, but also Galicia to get acquainted with the culture of Slobozhanshchyna, and we will work on this together in our centers!