Webinar: How to get a driver's license without bribes

September 6th, 19:00


Structure of Webinar

a person who wants to get a driver's license must know his rights and be able to protect them.

Частина 1, права тих хто здає на права 🙂

- the law that regulates the procedure for taking exams for obtaining driver's licenses (Instructions on the procedure for admission, appendix 1 to the Instructions - Examination sheet)

- the order of the theoretical exam

- how the practical exam should be taken (video recording, what the instructor can/cannot do (if he is present at the exam) and the inspector of the service center, what errors are errors and how many are permissible, what to do if the inspector calls out an error that was not really there, favorite mistake for the end of the exam - creating an emergency situation, cheating with exam papers after the exams)

Part 2, protection of rights

- how to get a video recording of your exam (announce the deadline - 3 working days from the day of the exam, the presence of an electronic medium for video recording is mandatory - without it, the application will not be accepted)

– how to appeal the results of the exam (time limits, how to make an application)

- appeal in court

Lecturer: Svyatoslav Litynskyi, activist of the public movement Rights without bribes.

Participation in the webinar is free, and we ask that you pre-register using the link: https://forms.gle/Hd2371xgpHSza7JC6 

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